Monday, October 27, 2014

Clearly I Have Something To Learn...October 27, 2014

So the saddest thing happened the other day!  Our progressing investigators texted us and said, "Sorry we are on our way to be with our family in California.  Sorry we didn't get the chance to say goodbye." And so they moved suddenly and didn't even tell us until they were on their way!! It was literally like an over-night decision, I guess. but wow. I just about cried. I'll just pray the missionaries there find them!  We sent their info....
Other than that! There were 2 missionary farewells yesterday.  I sat next to a young woman deciding herself if a mission is for her...It was an emotional event! haha I had my farewell last year today! Crazy.  I can't believe it....Anyways, I got the chance to talk with this girl, as I did the day she decided she would serve a mission, again.  She is having doubts and questions and it was really nice to get to share with her every reason why she should (: Sure, my opinion may be bias...but this is really one of the greatest opportunities!! (:
I'm very grateful for my time in the mission.  I love these people SO much.  I often wonder where I would be or who I would be if I wasn't here...I can't imagine and I know that this is the only place I could grow the way I hopefully am to prepare for my future.  
We have been having a lot of member enthusiasm lately and they have been bringing us their friends to teach! (:  (okay, I make that sound like it's a lot...really, it's only 2 or 3...but that is phenomenal!) The Lord has really been blessing us so greatly.  Hopefully I can live up to His standards of excellence and continue to change, or in other words, repent, and better myself!
Oh! Also, we had a zone conference on Thursday. I love learning from other missionaries, it is the best!  We got to watch Meet the Mormons AND get flu shots...yes... haha but that show is, wow, sooo good! If you haven't seen it, see it! And invite your friends (:
Keep shining that tangible, warm light of Christ (: Love.

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