Monday, September 22, 2014

I Know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God!! September 22, 2014

So, yes, the rain that blew in off the coast lasted all the hours of the
day.  I did thoroughly enjoy that to the fullest (: I think my hair soaked
and re-dried like 3 or 4 times that day.  Good thing I never do it anyways
(; haha
We were headed to see a new investigator for the first time the other day.
We met up at a member's home so that he could come and follow us to her
house.  Right when we pulled into his driveway, all of the sudden my
companera says, "uh, there's a spider" and I'm thinkin yeah that's cool
haha you'll live...and I looked over to see this giant monster dash into
our AC vent!! It was there the entire day and we were too scared to even
open the vent! It decided to come out on our way to our dinner appointment
and on MY side of the car! Right above the steering wheel!! I pulled right
over to the side of the road and jumped out of the car haha it was so
dramatic.  But Wow. It was scary.  We made the elders drive all the way up
to look for it and eventually they found it later that night...we just made
them drive our truck during that time so that it wouldn't get us (: haha
Also, I ate cow tongue yesterday. I think knowing what it was first kinda
tripped me up because I couldn't get past what it was to enjoy it haha.

Well, lately I have just been feeling such an appreciation for the Prophet
Joseph Smith.  He endured an incredible load so that we all could have and
enjoy the fullness of the Everlasting Gospel!  It pains my heart to think
of the persecution...and then I think of all of the other prophets of old
who went through so much as well...even our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I think about the thought of anything happening to my family...I couldn't
bear to stand even the thought!  I would take anything I could for them.
So...I guess that is how Jesus Christ felt when He literally DID take it
all for His family.  My love and appreciation grows daily....I love my
Savior and His mercy.

Shine on!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Incredible Week September 15th, 2014

So I feel like I have so much to say...and I usually even have a little
notebook to remind me of what happened the last week...but right now I
can't even think! haha
Basically, we had some incredible lessons this week! And incredible
meetings/ trainings...all week long!  And I learned a lot!  I can't wait to
change to restart (:
Repentance is such a gift!  We get to turn a new page and become new again
any time that we have the desire and humility to change (or in other words,
We got to go to the temple on Thursday.  I do love it there.  I learn
something new every time and it fills my soul (:  It always reminds me of
the importance of family! And I just love my family sooo much!!!  I also
love my family here and I am getting more and more nervous about what will
happen at the end of this transfer.  I had a little moment yesterday during
primary.  A sister asked us to fill in for her and so we were sitting in
the primary room during singing time and the spirit was beautiful (: Then
the sister leading the music talked about how that day would be one of her
last with the kids and she started crying...well, you know me!  I started
crying too, realizing that I may be in similar shoes as she is in.  I had
to leave the room! And I just couldn't stop haha I love these people SO
much!!! We have been having a lot of investigators coming to church and
less actives and things are just really so positive and wonderful here (:
It is such a blessing.
I also got to sing in sacrament yesterday.  That was fun I guess.
Also, we went on a hike earlier this morning...haha wow.  So two things: 1.
I am out of shape (:  (no comments, please hahaha). 2. This is AZ.....there
is not much more than pokeys and thorns and cacti and creepy bugs!  It was
an interesting trip.  I also fell and caught myself in a patch of poison
ivy! My hand puffed up and it sure did not feel great (: but all was well!
And all is well! And the view was beautiful and it was a great exercise!
Anyways (: God loves us! So much!  He even provides clouds to cover the
heat of the sun in these hot days.  I know that the Spirit is our teacher
and if we pay close attention, he will help us to become!
(I'm probably forgetting many things...??)
Love! (:
Shine on.

Monday, September 8, 2014

It's Candy Corn Season (: September 8th, 2014

So I feel like the mission is really preparing me to move around some day.  I have moved people out and in to houses so many times in this area!  But you know, we enjoy it (: 
Things have been going really well here! My companion and I have a lot of fun!  It's hilarious because we are so much alike that we never stop talking and so haha we had to make a goal this week to not talk so much when we're planning and stuff so that we can actually get it done in a timely manner.  
We had four less-active families come to church yesterday and it was quite the miracle (: Some we haven't seen in months and months! I know that the Gospel is the only way to be happy in life...when you get to that point of realization, how could you not come back!? 
We have some incredible friends that we're visiting lately.  I know that they have been prepared by the Lord to meet us and that they will be baptized one day!  
Also, I have gotten quite good at making chocoflan (; heh I love to hear people call me a guerita (white girl) and then try it, because they are always so surprised.  It has gotten us some return appointments, indeed. 
I read this scripture the other day, 3 Nephi 12:45
"That ye may be the children of your Father who is in heaven; for He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good."
Isn't that so beautiful?! Whether we are good or evil, God loves all of His children and so He allows the sun to rise on all of them.  The scriptures really are full of plain and beautiful truths. 
Have a beautiful week!
Shine on (: 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

There is No Finish Line September 2, 2014

I feel like I have been learning SO much lately!  Every day is a new
lesson...good and bad.  But I really feel the need to improve and better
myself so I have appreciated it.  We had Elder Malm of the 70 at our half
zone conference last week.  It was incredible.  A new perspective.  I feel
as though there is a new wave of excitement and effort that has been
implemented in the mission.  A new sense of positivity.  Which, on that
note, may I just admit...I feel as though I may have been missing the mark
all along.  I do think I am a positive person at most times...but there is
a whole new level that I seemed to have just caught on to and it has been
changing me.  I hope that I am still in the process of changing...
Really, there is so much truth to the well-known statement of, "if you
think  you can, you can."  It all starts with yourself.  Your inner
thoughts and desires.  Anyways. I am just excited to change (:
Also! We got to share a thought in young womens on Sunday.  I love the
young women so much!!!  They inspire me and I was so grateful to be there
with them.  We are all God's children with individual worth and divine
qualities.  I learn that more and more every day.
So I have been loving the work lately!  We seem to be doing quite well, my
companion and I!  We are striving to really be so so focused on all the
little things and to follow the Spirit as closely as we can.  It has been
changing our efforts.  It is fun to help someone learn the routes of the
field! Even though it is hard.
I just wanted to tell this quote from Elder Malm that he said at our
"you are you.  You have always been you.  Learn to get along with you."  I
just loved that! We need to love ourselves because we always have been and
always will be ourselves.  What a great reason to always be yourself! (as
my sister once told me (: )
He also went on to ask us where negative things come from.  The answer of
course, being the adversary.  Then he talked about how when we talk
negatively about others, we are serving satan.  We cannot feel the Spirit,
nor serve God, when we are serving Satan.  All negativity comes from the
I know that this work is so important.  The Prophets have told us that this
is the time that the Lord said He would hasten His work.  And we need to
keep up with Him (:
I am so grateful that I can repent daily and improve daily. And so can
you!  I love our Savior's mercy.  Shine on.