Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Changes! November 11, 2014

Well let's see...what has happened in the last 2 weeks...
So Here's a good list:
-my companion dyed my hair orange and I looked like a tiger! (yes, it is normal now)
-We had a regional Arizona conference that was incredible!!
-I had the opportunity to do a musical number with an elder in my district 3 different times.
-We moved another family out (I am so prepared for later days haha)
-I said goodbye to my best friends...
-I cried....and cried again.........
And now I am sitting in the institute!  Hello, YSA 3rd ward....yep. I live on campus.  
This is quite the change for me, really! I just spent 7 1/2 months speaking Spanish on the border of Mexico and President has just sent me to an English area to work with all of the people my age...hahaha I don't even know how to talk to people my age anymore! This should be interesting.  I am also what they call a "Sister training leader" now...This just means that I get to go on exchanges with all of the sisters in our zone, probably once a week.  I also will have to give trainings at zone meetings...and so this is just a whole new world for me!  I can honestly say that I am sooo nervous and very excited at the same time.  Also, my heart is broken...and I am so sad to have left my home of 5 transfers...but I know that God knows what I need better than I do.  And I know that He leads us in the right direction.  And I would just like to end by saying--trust God.  Let Him direct your paths! He knows you better than you ever could and when you follow Him and choose the right, you will always have the things that you need (: 
Keep shining! Love.

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  1. So faith filled. You will bless the sisters you will lead.