Thursday, October 16, 2014

Last Weeeeeek. October 14th, 2014

I don't have much time today...but we had a great week! (: 
One of our cute investigators, Ashly, bore her testimony Sunday.  That was fun to see! She is 10 and we all fasted that her mom would give her permission to be baptized because so far she doesn't want her to.  Every time we go over to her house, though, Ashly asks if we can run through the baptismal interview questions because she wants to make sure she knows all of the answers and can understand them...even though she knows them so well! I love her so much!  

We got to go to a youth activity on Wednesday and be kind of the "spokesmen" for it.  It was on modesty and Hermana Dominguez and I were the hosts and the elders were the "celebrities" that answered the questions about their opinions on modesty.  It was really fun and very powerful. 
Hmm...I got sick the other day while on an exchange and spent it doing...nothing too fun haha. It was an alright day. But I love getting to know the sisters I am around!
I locked the keys in our truck the other day...that was fun!  Always an adventure when you have me around, eh?  
We also went to the zoo yesterday for p-day! And mostly everything else wasn't open because of Columbus day (like the computer lab)...I don't know why? What do you do when you celebrate Columbus day? No disrespect...just wondering? Do you sing some songs or something? Slide show presentation?  Anyways...Have a beautiful week!! (: 
Always shine the light of Christ. 
Oh and hey! I learned a neat quote"  If you justify your sins, Christ can't. 

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