Monday, October 6, 2014

This Week...October 6th, 2014

Well this last week was wonderful (: As they all are...
We had a really neat experience where we found someone who was so ready to
hear our message!  It was this man walking up to his apartment and I had
the feeling to talk to him...but he was so far away!  So I didn't think I
would catch him in time.  I had the feeling again, just talk to him!  And
so I ran into the parking lot and yelled up, "Hey, would you like to hear a
message about Jesus Christ?!" And he said, "Yes, actually." He came back
down his stairs and we had a lesson there on the sidewalk.  It was
incredible.  He talked a lot about one of his friends who had been such an
incredible example to him and how he is also a member.  That just showed me
how much people really do watch you and your example and how by simply
being that example, you could help someone become more open to accepting
the Gospel later on in life.  (: It's not even awkward sharing it either, I
promise (: haha
One of my greatest examples here is my dear friend Hermana Nobel.  I think
I have mentioned her before, but she has cancer and we sing hymns with her
every week after church.  She is always so positive and bright.  Her
testimony shines through her eyes (:  Recently I found out that she has
been give about 6 more months to live...I was heartbroken when I found out,
but of course, I know she will be somewhere much more peaceful and so I am
happy for her.  Even with this knowledge she has, she still strives to be
as positive as can be and she keeps her testimony burning every day.  She
always tells us how grateful she is for our God and our Savior and I just
love her so much!

Wow. So conference was incredible! I hope that you all had the opportunity
to listen and hear what the prophets and apostles have to say to us...or in
other words, what the Savior would have us know in this day and age.  How
inspired they are!  I had never felt so enveloped in the Spirit as I did as
I sat and listened to their words.  They were so comforting, uplifting,
inspiring, and heart-changing.  I hope that we will all apply their
counsels and become better (: Become who Heavenly Father has created us to

I hope that you all have a beautiful week (: I love you!
Keep shining!

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