Monday, June 2, 2014

If We Rode Bikes...we'd be dead - June 2nd, 2014

I'm just sayin'...I don't know how other missionaries do it with just
bikes.  Our miles restarted on the 25th and we've already driven 850 miles
since! Talk about being in the truck allll day. (Speaking of trucks, we got
a different one!  Back to bluetooth! Yes). But it's not really that bad (:
we just had a lot of places to go this last week and we went up to Tucson
twice.  Oh how joyful that was.  You see, that's because I was going to the
doctor! Yippee. Don't we all love that.  haha I survived, though!  And this
week was really great. It really was.  We have stairs to our roof and so we
went up one night and that was fun!  There's so many stars down here. I
just am completely in love with this world!  Oh my heavens, it's just so
beautiful that I can't even describe to you the joy it brings me! I can't
imagine what the Celestial Kingdom will be like if our Heavenly Father
loves us enough to make our world here so beautiful.
You know, I was sitting there the other day and, like I do
every-now-and-then, had the thought run across my mind, "Hey, I'm a
missionary!" I thought back to the days of my high-pitched, squeaky voice
singing "I hope they call me on a teach and screech and work
as missionaries do." haha whelp, I don't know about how much screeching we
do here...maybe in the last couple of weeks without my voice...but I'm not
sick anymore, so that doesn't prove to be as true (: But really though! I
don't know that I ever pictured myself here, and now I don't know where I'd
be or what I'd be doing had I have not come.  Even with these short months,
I couldn't imagine a life without having these experiences and learning
what I'm learning now. It is phenomenal.  My last companera sent me a
letter and it had lots of little note cards in it with some words from some
of the people in my last area.  Ohhh (: I was so happy! My eyes just
automatically filled with tears when I saw the first one from a precious,
little friend in Sahuaro Branch! I love these people so much.  They are my
family.  I have felt my capacity to love increase and increase as I go
throughout my days.  My favorite part about being a missionary: I'd say the
ability to love immediately!!  It is incredible. And these children here
are just so special.  I love them so much!! haha on Sunday I was talking to
this girl who was visiting the ward (the entire Spanish ward is practically
made up of one extended family).  I said to her after she told me she is
starting high school this week, 'You are so cute! Watch out for those boys
because sometimes they aren't nice." And this little voice pops out from
around her and says, "You better watch out for those boys, too!" She was
her little sister, probably around 5 haha so cute! I just love these times
My companion is going home in 5 weeks, that has been interesting
for us both because neither of us have ever experienced that!  During
weekly planning this last Friday, we decided that we are going to make her
last weeks awesome!  So we decided that we needed to make sure we do at
least one fun thing a day to keep our minds occupied and in good spirits!
We called it: The Trunket list. haha (this is what the mission does to
you). It means, ya know, trunky + bucket, we're too clever ha. So it's her
trunky bucket list! We have some good ideas on there. (: It will be fun.
I have been thinking a lot about who I have been, who I am, and who I want
to/will become.  Sometimes I'm not so impressed with who I have been and
who I am now could always use some work!  So I have been thinking about how
to get to where I want to go to become who I want to be!  My companion and
I were reading a talk from President Monson from this last Priesthood
session.  It talked about taking courage and standing up for what we know
is right.  I reflected back on how I didn't always do that in the past.
It's too bad that sometimes we get caught up in what is popular and trendy
at the time.  We have friends that we want to accept us or we want to feel
like we're included with the "group."  But so what!  So why do we care so
much?  My wise sister told me, "Confidence is a spiritual matter, indeed."
President Monson talked about staying the same person.  Are we always the
same person? Or do we change with the scenes?  I know that the way to
become who we want to be--and better yet, the way God intended us to be--
is by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is truly the only way to be
happy!  And it is indeed the only intelligent thing to do!  I just know
that we are fully supported along these roads, but only if we take the hand
that is so mercifully stretched out towards us all the day long. Our Savior
is there, "to give light to them that sit in the darkness and in the shadow
of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace." (Luke 1:79) How
beautiful!! Just so much hope. So much hope is in this world. Don't lose
sight of it. And don't fear satan's power. James E. Faust said, "We need
not become paralyzed with fear of Satan's power.  He can have no power over
us unless WE permit it.  He is really a coward and if we stand firm, he
will retreat.  The Apostle James counseled: 'Submit yourselves therefore to
God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you'. He cannot know our
thoughts unless we speak them.  And Nephi states that 'he hath no power
over the hearts' of people who are righteous." so I know! I know that we
can overcome everything through our Savior Jesus Christ; and we, too, can
be favored like Nephi through our faithfulness in keeping the commandments
of the Lord.
Shine on (:

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