Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Father's Day! June 16th, 2014

First of all, shout out to the Father! (: He is the best.
And in the spirit of Father's Day, I have been thinking much about my
Heavenly Father.  As we were driving home last night, the sky was fading
and it was quite a sight.  I thought about how beautiful this world is.
Then I thought about the miracle of music; how you can just touch keys  or
strum a string and create sound!  Beautiful sound.  We know that this life
is solely meant to test us and allow us to become like our Heavenly Father
and Jesus Christ.  But what a blessing that He allows us to enjoy our time
here, too!  Eating is necessary to survive, but He lets us taste, too!  And
smell and feel and see.  What a LOVING Father!  (That's my soapbox for the
At church yesterday, I looked around at all the faces.  I noticed that I
knew them all, and not only that, but I loved them all!  I thought to
myself, "You know, if I never came here, they would never have known me.
And they probably wouldn't know the difference or care.  But I will be
forever grateful that I DO know them and that I am here. "  Every person
here has touched my life in some way.  I almost feel like some lucky
winner! How did I get so lucky to get to come here and meet these people
that I otherwise would never have known...? I am just filled with gratitude.
Our investigator/ fun friend Alma (: She said to us the other day, "I know
it's true! I know everything you girls teach me is true.  I feel this way
whenever you girls come." Now, we haven't had any confirmation from her
that she's going to do anything about this knowledge just yet, but we have
so much hope!  One thing I love about learning that others can feel the
Spirit of what we teach and also the truth of what we teach is that it
always testifies to me of the truthfulness as well! I think, you know, if
someone can feel that too, then I'm not crazy! haha and this is someone who
has never heard of this on earth.  It HAS to be true!  How can it not be??
We have just been having so much fun lately!  We got to pop in at girls
camp and deliver some ice cream (yes, I did take advantage of every moment
with those sweet girls! I taught them one of my favorite camp games in the
small time we had there.) We got to drive around Pena Lake (which is where
they camped) and it is beautiful!! We learned some fun makeup/face tricks
from a member one night haha; the lady we live with took us out for some
Finidos after a lesson we had (:  We got to help some people move out from
the ward and get to know them a little more (yes, sadly as they left us),
but it was still wonderful!  Also, another member owns a perfume store and
gave my companion and I some for freeeee (: Aaaand the highlight of my
week...gee I can't decide if it was getting hit on by some older men at the
community center where we volunteer every week or having a cockroach in our
bathroom!? haha just a good, fun, wholesome week (: We even got to see a
member in the hospital this morning!  Just lovely times. I am so lucky and
I don't even know why I deserve it...

Oh and a poem (: I wrote this after reading Mosiah 14 (Isaiah 53)

They did not see the healing in His hands,
They did not see the light inside His eyes.
And quietly He walked along the roadside
Feeling their hearts full of despise.

Yet, His hands would bid the lame man, walk.
And His eyes would love to every shore.
But they would leave Him standing in a cold night,
When He came knocking at their door.

He would feel their greatest sorrows,
And He would bear their deepest grieves.
Yet they would leave Him broken-hearted,
And make His grave amongst the thieves.

But I know that He still loved them.
I know that He forgives.
And He will ease our burdens,
If we look to Him and live.

Keep going (: You were designed to achieve and God's plan for us was
tailored to our very person.  We will succeed as we follow Him.
Shine on (:

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