Monday, March 30, 2015

God is Good - March 30th, 2015

oh dear. I am under the air is freezing! haha this Arizona
blood couldn't survive a single December day...hopefully April is not too
bad? eh? haha
This last week was interesting (:
It was SO good! I love my compa! We are seeing so many miracles and having
Soooo much fun! But we are also having random experiences in between that
have created growing opportunities...which is good!  We laugh and cry and
laugh and laugh (:

I have loved sharing the new video 'Gracias a Que El Vive' it has been
amazing! (: We showed to a less active family and then asked why they love
what Christ did for them. The little boy said the sweetest thing that was
exactly what I needed to hear!  He said "porque El siempre esta para ver
como estas" I just loved that! He is always there to see how we are doing.
I keep being reminded that I need to walk this whole journey of life daily
with my Savior! Not just when I am in need should I come running to His
feet, but all the way along the journey.

We were able to have a new friend come with us to the women's conference!
That was the biggest miracle! (she is soo nervous to come to church and
things). She's 19 and wants to come to school in UT one day!  We will be
friends (: hah
We asked her to pray and she was so nervous because she has never prayed
out loud before...after much convincing, she did!  This daughter was
speaking to her Father! I have never felt such a strong spirit during a
prayer.  She poured her heart and she weeped as she did so.  She spoke of
her heartache from problems with her father and it just reminded me to make
sure I recognize at all times that there is always a Father there watching
over us.  And more specifically, our Eternal Heavenly Father (: It was a
sacred moment.
She came to church the next day! That was a HUGE step! She loves herrr
church so much and so to get her to come to sacrament was amazing. It
happened to be fast and testimony meeting!  I am so grateful for our
branch/ward families! I know they touch people's hearts! THEN she even came
to dinner with us in a member's home, which was perfect because the walls
are covered with temples and family! Oh we are so blessed (:

We also had the chance to sing to some elderly women in a care home
yesterday haha. It was so random! We went to visit a member and sing some
hymns with her but then the whole place wanted to hear and so we came out
of her room and sang spanish hymns for everyone! haha (:

Probably one of the funniest moments this week...hmm...We were in district
meeting and President just so happened to come to ours.  The district
leader was talking about...oh setting up family mission plans
with families.  He gave an example of making it personal to the family by
telling us about a family where they made something lord of the rings to
get the excited.  I was just sitting there trying to listen and I hear
President (who was sitting right next to me) say in Spanish "Precioso"
hahahhahaha like "precious" I accidentally burst out laughing out loud! And
that was embarrassing because President was there! But he was the one who
made me laugh...good days.

Yep. Just loving life (: it's been amazing! We got to go with a recent
convert to find her husband's name and get it ready to go to the temple! So
that was amazing too! We are hoping to go to the temple with her soon. Just
good things!

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