Monday, March 2, 2015

Ay no time! March 2nd, 2015

This last week was fun! I felt like I was gone for half of it haha from
exchange to MLC to a dinner we had at the mission home with the other was so good (: I love weeks like that! They just do you some good
We had a member missionary training center the other day, too! The MMTC. We
talked about the why and how of member missionary work and it was really
fun! (:
I ran into one of my old compas, too! Hna Lagunes! She was just visiting
and I randomly ran into her! sooo fun (:

We were walking on campus the other day and there were all these people
dressed in black with purple glow-in-the-dark wrist bands! We talked to
them and found out they were playing a huuuge game of capture the flag! So,
fun things on campus! haha gotta love student life.

Other than that, just a normal week (: Our recently baptized friend bore
his testimony yesterday and that was a beautiful moment! He spoke later
that night at a "Why I Believe' fireside we had at the institute.  It was
about just that, why he believes.  It was such a touching moment to hear
him bear his testimony and I loved it! (:
Good things.

I ran myself out of time.


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