Monday, March 23, 2015

Change is Exciting! March 17th, 2015

Well, I guess I'll just get right into it! I got transferred! I am so sad
and SO excited! I get to end it all speaking Spanish (: My new compa is
incredible! I love her so so much already! We were talking about our
interests and we are SO alike it's hilarious! I can't wait. I already feel
the spirit so strongly with her and all we have done so far today is talk
about the couple lessons we will teach tonight! I am so blessed that my
Father knows better than I!
I'm coming into a branch se llama El Dorado.  It is in the East of Tucson.
Wow, I will miss my friends from YSA so much! And the people I get to meet
on campus! haha but I have the greatest feeling about being here for my
last transfer (: I am so blessed!!!

This last week was really bitter sweet. I had the feeling I would be
leaving and so I was sure to say goodbye to everyone before they all went
every which way for spring break!  (Not the greatest time to leave haha).
But it went well. I have so many friends here that I love so much! (: I am
SO Grateful for the time I get to serve and love and become.

As this last transfer was coming to an end, I was rreally praying that we
would be able to at least find one more new person before I left.  I had
the most amazing experience yesterday as our day came to an end.  We were
walking back to our apartment and all of the sudden, seriously without even
thinking, I just turned into the leasing office!  I had no idea why, but as
I did, a man that we had met last week was right there to greet us.  He
said, "I just knew I would see you today!  I had a feeling to come over to
the door. Come in, I am free right now. You can share your message with
me!" /.....What!!! It was like a dream! (: It was amazing! He had agreed to
meeting with us sometime, but we weren't able to specify when and when we
contacted him to set up a day, he didn't respond! So seeing him so willing
was incredible.  We had a very positive experience. his heart is open and I
know he will find truth in the message of the gospel! (:

I came across this scripture the other day that I just wanted to share:
"...and thus doth the Lord work with His power in all cases among the
children of men, extending the arm of mercy towards them that put their
trust in Him." Mosiah 29:20

I just love that! Because His arm is ALWAYS extended! It is just dependent
upon our willingness to take hold of His open arms and allow them to lift
and transform us! (:

I am SO excited for this upcoming transfer! I know it will be full of
miracles! Heavenly Father is so good to me! And I know it is because of His
Son that I can do all things.

(as for now, I just have to get ready to stretch my stomach out again!
Welcome back to Spanish branches!...haha!)

Love you(:

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