Monday, February 23, 2015

What We Make It. February 23rd, 2015

We have had probably one of the longest weeks, this last one haha (: but
doesn't it just go that way sometimes?  I like to think that I'm being
refined, right? So I can be confident that it is necessary for me to remain
in the fire a little longer.  oh...but Tucson burns sometimes (;
I got to speak in Sacrament meeting ayer and allllso teach Relief Society!
This singles ward is preparing me for something or something...? But it was
fine! I was asked to speak on continuing in our conversions and so I quoted
the Pops, of course (: I talked about how there is no arrival in life and
the constant need to progress. And also, the trap of feeling "content" in
life. I love in Alma 37 when Alma tells Helaman that when Lehi's family was
apathetic or lazy, they did not progress in their journey.  There is so
much truth to that!  If anything, being on a college campus has helped me
to desire to be more self-motivated and to strive to accomplish!  So I am
grateful for each experience.  We have someone watching out for us who
really knows what they're doing. (:
I have been learning throughout the months the constant necessity to follow
the Spirit and the crucial importance of following what the Lord has in
mind...not us.
I love the Book of Mormon.  I have been finding that the more we take the
time to read it with non members and less active members, their desire to
improve and follow God increases.  The Spirit speaks and it speaks directly
and plain.  What a gift we have!  Read the Book of Mormon.  There is such a
spirit when you do and you will find the things you need to either improve,
find comfort, feel peace, or be enlightened!

Also, I can not contact someone in Sign language...that's been fun to
learn! I stiiiill need to learn patience! haha I have such a hard time with
these signs, but I am getting it down. (:
Fun days.

Love you much (:
Shine on.

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