Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rainy Dayz February 3rd, 2015

Well, it looks like I am staying at the U of A!!! (: I am pretty excited
about that. I am ready to do better than we did last transfer. Of course,
that is always the goal, right? To be better than you were before?
Things have been going really well.  We've been having a lottt of member
support and that is what it's all about! That is what gets us rolling. I
love it (: I am so grateful. Plus, we really have been needing it
considering I have been gone so much lately! I keep having to send mi compa
off on splits so I can go to meetings haha good thing she is patient with
me! (:
Patience. That's something I'm still learning.  But WOW. I am so grateful
for these experiences we have each day that mold us and shape us into the
people we are supposed to become.

This last week, also, I ate something called the 'Devil Taco'...it is not
nice. Don't do it! haha This member in our ward makes them for missionaries
he wants to kill haha just kidding. But I had to literally sign a waver to
eat it. I don't really know why I was feeling so bold that evening! But so
far, I am the first sister to try it! (perhaps a little prideful? haha) I
only could eat 3 bites!  Let me tell you. It was an adventure.

So something that has been constantly brought up lately in my life as well
as in lessons and in conversations is God's love! It is something that I
have become more and more aware of.  In my last training I gave, I asked
the missionaries what is one of the things they love to testify to people,
and I think that the fact that God loves us is my favorite!  (: Everything
ties back to it.  We have what we have, we are who we are, we are where we
are because God loves us! And He is constantly reaching out to us to show
us that.  Oh, but do our eyes always see?
Sometimes we need to look through heavenly eyes to see the perspective that
God has.  His vision is so much more!  I love God's love.  I love that He
shows it to me in the smallest, simplest ways.  I think I might say this a
lot, but I love His mercy! So much.  And I know that it is only because of
Christ that we are given mercy.  God is love.  We love Him, because He
first loved us.
I love you!
Que tengan una linda semana (:

oh, and get this! Elder Hurst is going to be in my district now haha so no
more letter mix-ups, eh?

pics) Rainy days haha

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