Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wow! Transfers - March 4th, 2014

Hello.  Transfers hit me like a rock!  I'm a little shaken, but discouragement weakens faith!  So I will press on (: And I am excited, because change is exciting.  Right?  Yes.  Here I am.  A little alone in this right the area that is.  Momma Smyth left me here.  I have Hermana Lagunes now.  She seems to be a lot like my first companion ...hmm...a lot.  My favorite part about changes, though, is that the Lord knows exactly what He is doing! So truly, there is no reason to worry or fear.  Satan will try to stifle our potential by putting those silly, doubting thoughts into our minds!  Another thing I thought about this last week.  Laziness. Too much apathy lives in this world of sin. Laziness is satan's tool.  How could we ever become what God has in store for us if we don't ever do anything at all?  Therefore, we hold ourselves back by not just getting up and doing!  So my encouragement this week: BE. (:
As for my last week with Hermana Smyth, it was incredible.  We are seeing SO many miracles.  The variable that changed was one: the means by which the Lord wanted things to go and two: our attitudes.  Picture this.  Laman and Lemuel both were on the exact same journey that Nephi and Sam were on.  They left Jerusalem just like they were told, they went back for the plates, too.  And they even got on the ship and sailed to the promised land.  They really did every thing that they were supposed to do, just like Nephi and Sam!  So what's the difference?  Attitude. My family, my friends, isn't attitude everything? We know this! We absolutely know this.  And we see it holding true time after time.  Well now it's time to believe it!  And do something about it.  (There's this talk given from a mission president called "The Fourth Missionary." It is incredible and has truly helped me begin my self "refining" process.  I am going to quote a little excerpt from it but adding the word of the Gospel instead of a mission). "Don't think you can't do this.  Often we are deceived to think that the Gospel is harder than what it is.  Life is hard, not the Gospel.  You can do this!  If you don't, it will only be because you choose not to; not because you can't, not because it is too hard.  The way of the Gospel is actually the easiest way.  This way is free of frustration.  It opens the heart to the Lord and His power then flows freely without compulsion or constraint."  So give it your all!!! The only thing the Lord doesn't already have is your heart...because He won't make up your mind for you.  So give Him your heart, too.  Don't fight against Him.  He knows what's best for you.  He created you! And all He asks is ourselves.  How hard is that?  It truly IS that simple!  It's our human nature that makes it hard. 
Anyways.  This last week was incredible.  Miracle number one. Hector!  He's back (: He missed the feeling of the Spirit as we taught and he came back!  We actually passed him off to the elders the other day because we felt that Heavenly Father knew that was the way for him to progress.  Some "man to man" kind of things that I wouldn't understand.  Either way, it's incredible and I know he is ready! (: Miracle number two.  Chastity.  Oh my heavens, I love teaching about chastity! (: It is so special and an incredible Spirit can be felt while talking about this.  I love the youth! I'll say it again. I love the youth! And I have been so blessed to work with so many.  That is who we got to teach these wonderful lessons to.  One special girl, Alexa, as we were talking about temple marriage asked us about tattoos.  And we asked her why she brought it up and she said, "Well, I was going to get one, but not anymore." AHhh! (: (: The spirit did it! It got through to our sweet Alexa! She has been inactive for a long time and we still haven't seen her back in church, but her goal is the temple! And she knows this because the Spirit testified to her heart that just like is says in Jacob, the Lord truly does delight in the chastity of women. (: We had 2 other chastity and virtue lessons this week that were beyond incredible.  LIke I say, the Spirit really teaches those lessons especially because it is SO important! (:
I just want to add one last thought.  And that is this: The Spirit is there as we life others up.  So don't bring each other down!  I have felt an immense love and Spirit as I have simply let people know what is so special about them.  There is a real spirit in that.  Try it out (: I do not lie!  And how damaging are harmful words!  Let's be nice (: Let's be examples of the believers.  We, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we are all enlisted till the conflict is o'er.  And it is not! SO keep on in this battle of good and bad.  The righteous need not fear and if ye do keep the commandments, ye shall prosper in the land.  We are all missionaries!!! (: My heart is changing.  We CAN love as the Savior loved.  We can feel as the Savior felt.  And we can know, with assurance, that He surely felt everything we felt.  I got the privilege of going to the Gilbert Temple dedication this last Sunday.  There is power in the Spirit of the Temple. Go ye to the temple of the Lord! Don't let a single thing stop you!!!! (:
Familias son eternas.  Love.

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