Monday, March 31, 2014

I appreciate happy people!- March 31st, 2014

Heavenly Father sure does give to men weaknesses.  This I know, and this I've always known.  But this week reminded me again. It was...a very interesting week is all I need to say.  But nonetheless, it was great per usual.  I also know that it will keep getting better (: Because with the fact that Heavenly Father gives us weaknesses, is the promise that He will make them stronger.  I believe that our biggest setbacks, our most unbecoming habits, or those flaws that fill us with impatience, are just waiting to become our greatest assets.  We have to be tried to become who God intended us to be, so I feel that it would only be appropriate to give us the challenge of working through these little things so that they can become the utmost greatest part of our being.  Well, Heavenly Father is showing me that He knows me better than I do right now.  So hopefully these rough edges will smooth out soon and I will become a sparkling diamond.  I just have to withstand the heat and pressure right now.  BUT! With that, He has completely provided us with every thing we could possibly need in order to succeed.  Not to mention, His very hand in our every day. 
Understanding all of that, I learned that I am not perfect (Well, of course I always knew that, but gosh, I sure try to be!). And I always feel the need to be the best at everything, and I am not.  And that is okay.  And I just want to mention that to any of you who feel the need to be inhuman as well.  We will get there one day!  For now, it's our chance to learn how (: So embrace those setbacks that remind us how human we are.  After all, we are. 
Ohhh my goodness!! I hope every one who could go attended the young women's conference on Saturday!! What an incredible blessing it was to have gotten to go to that (: It was beyond what I needed.  It was so special to have all the women ages 8 and up there.  I was so deeply touched by the power of unity we had as daughters of God, around the world.  My eyes filled with tears as I pictured my cute Mom and seesters watching the same thing I was.  And at the peak of the Spirit, in the middle of a choir song, the sweetest, little voice came from behind me and sang along with the words.  I was so grateful to have those 8 year old girls there.  Their spirits can touch any heart.  I was filled to the very top.  It was a very edifying experience.  So much talk about being kind to ourselves and other daughters of God.  Satan is so sneaky and turns every beautiful thing into darkness. I really appreciated that message because I feel it is very important and necessary in this day and age. 
As for the rest of the week...well, my companion lost our phone, so that was a trip.  We were phoneless for a good 3 days.  That really was quite the setback! haha worldly problems. We even had to get a new phone! Another fun fact: where ever I go, poetry follows (: This makes me so happy! People always join in with my poetry love haha I write my companions poems and our district and they are beginning to do the same! It is so great! 
Last happy moment (: Today in wal mart, there was the kindest lady! The Spirit kept telling me to just go give her a card or something.  So I went up to her and told her how much I appreciate her kindness and stuff and she looked at me and said, "you are so beautiful!" And she gave me the biggest hug.  I told her I wanted to share a little bit of happiness with her because she did with me and I was able to give her a passalong card (: It was such a small thing, but such a joyful moment!! It lifted my spirits and I became new again; ready to keep going on.  Heavenly Father truly knows our hearts. 

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