Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Reach out! - March 17, 2014

Things really do go so perfectly well when you leave it up to the Savior.  Sometimes we're so impatient that we don't allow ourselves to have that perspective...but just do it.  Let Heavenly Father be your complete guide.  He created you! Wouldn't He know what is best for you? Anyways, this week was pretty much every emotion in between and at the exact same time, so rewarding and, well, fun! (: Our new area is an additional 3,000 miles.  We even get 700 more miles to drive a month! haha A lot of ground to cover for just 2 sisters...but that's mostly because a there are a lot of English-based places throughout.  Hey, I don't mind though! I love a good drive.  Watching dust storms roll up, wind pushing against the car on the freeway, the endless rows of cactus after cactus.  But all of that is beautiful to me.  What a world.  Heavenly Father could have just put us here to be tried and tested and it could have all worked out.  But He put us here, and He lets us see (: and smell and taste and sing and dance and sit in trees and stand on mountains! "I'm glad that I live in this beautiful world Heavenly Father created for me."...I love primary songs (:
Hermana Lagunes and I see miracles every single day! She and I have been able to get into doors that never opened for us before.  We're receiving revelation for our area and new extended area as well.  Our branch is really struggling.  No need for details, but our focus is members right now (:  Let's call it the weed of pride.  And we all have weeds, we do.  But when we throw weeds into other peoples' gardens then we stifle their potential.  We are all destined to be absolutely beautiful gardens! It's enough to have to take the time and effort to weed our own gardens (and we all know how exhausting that can be to sit on the ground, in the sun and pull out one by one every little plant that is keeping our garden from progressing); so WHY in the world would we ever go and plant weeds in someone else's garden?  Yet we do that all the time as humans.  We pick out people's flaws, we belittle their efforts, and we compare our growth to theirs.  But why can't we all just be beautiful gardens! That is exactly what God has intended us to be! (Sorry I just took that metaphor and ran with it haha) but quite literally, the only reason this earth was created was so that we could come, learn, and grow.  The Gospel was actually built in favor of us! It is supposed to be the easiest way, and it is! And it will be if you so choose to let it be.  We all have SO much worth, so much potential! So let's weed out our own gardens and not try to plant weeds in others'.  Turn the fallow into an opening blossom (: Oh, and hey, be yourself (: And be the difference. Be the light and be the hope.  Because it really, truly does start with us. Ourselves.  These setbacks of sin or change, yes, they are so difficult, but hey! They are so exciting! (: Another opportunity to take and BECOME something! Let's become (:
I love you.

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