Tuesday, April 8, 2014

So much love! April 7th, 2014

So I forgot to mention one thing in last weeks update.  haha We were at a member of the branch presidency's house for dinner.  His wife came in and asked us if we would do a musical number for sacrament meeting (meaning my companion and I and the Elders) and everyone just looked at each other and I popped up and said, "Claro, Hermana!" I was stoked that they asked us to participate and so I said yes without even taking a second thought about it.  When we left that dinner, everyone was just looking at me.  We got to our car and the Elders said, "you owe us!" And I was so confused, I didn't know why they looked a little upset and so I asked them what I owed them and they said cinnamon rolls. So I said, sure! Why not. haha and then when we got in the car I asked my companion why I owed them anything at all.  She looked at me and said, "Sister! I hate getting up in front of people!  And they are more shy than I am." haha whoops!  Well, we had a great time! And it went just lovely (; Sooo they all got to stretch themselves a little more last week, and I got to bake them cinnamon rolls.  What a fun day! haha I just thought that was so funny that I wanted to tell that story. 
Anyways! Last week was phenomenal! Surely another week on the roller coaster of this "other life" over here, but on the very up-hill slope!  Ready to glide on.  (: Pretty much just a change of attitude and a lot of faith will do the trick!  One thing I know with Everything that's in me is that things work out! They always do, they always will!  I know this.  And I know this because I see it every day of my life.  The key to this is to simply do what you are supposed to be doing, when you are supposed to be doing it, and wherever you are supposed to be!  God watches out for His children and if we do our part, He is surely to do His.  We never need to fear!  That was the common theme that I picked out of this General Conferencia! That we as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints never need to fear! Because God knows us and He knows what's best for us and in the right time.  What a beautiful thing that, when we grasp, will completely liberate us.  We will no longer be held down by the fear of what tomorrow could bring, and we will no longer hold on to the sadness we felt yesterday.  This life is a progression!  We cannot stand still, but we must be still and know that He is God; and then when we know that, we must walk forward and change! (: I am forever changed through my Savoir who has loved me enough to teach me trough tears, to enlighten me through example, and lift me through life.  There are many things I do not know, but what I do know is that I will know.  And so will we all.  There is no need to doubt in our Redeemer when He is allowing us to become someone better.  That is all a trial is good for.  Not for sorrowing, not for holding grudges, not for wallowing, or even asking, "why me?"  Why NOT me!?  When these are the shaping factors of our lives.  Ohhh how I hope that everyone got to watch this last conference! (: It was incredible!  
Basically over here in South Tucson, I just feel sooo much love!  I love these friends of mine so much! They are my family.  I will be so sad to leave them!  This next week is transfer week and it's sort of up in the air right now.  I could stay and I could leave.  But either way, it will be where I am needed.  Great things are starting to happen here and I am grateful that I have been a part of it and able to see this area start progressing.  I have felt the prayers of others lifting me when I could not lift myself. I just feel so loved and supported out here! By family, friends, and friends and family that I have met here (: How I love this work! (: Sometimes I will randomly think to myself, Hey! I'm a missionary.  It hits me every-now-and-then!  But then I realize, I always have been...and I always will be!! It is not hard at all.  (:
Just a little side note: Everyone I know should watch the Mormon Messages: Bullying-Stop it! and Things As They Really Are
If you caught this as well, much of the conference was geared toward the youth and the ever-growing popularity of falling along the wayside of this wayward world.  And thus I would insist on any, to watch those little videos!  They are so great (:
Shine on!! (:

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  1. Fun to read your post! Keep on volunteering and not holding anything back. You will look back on your mission and appreciate all the courage you showed by your personality and reaching out.