Monday, February 3, 2014

Semana Loca! February 3rd, 2014

This week was rough.  That's all I can say to explain it.  Talk about things going wrong.  But hey, it was so great!!! (:
Let's start out with the fact that the relief society thinks I am pregnant and have 11 toes. hahahaha SO here's the story.  We were playing 2 truths and a lie.  But, of course, they speak Spanish.  So when I wrote mine, I thought, "okay what do I know in Spanish?"  (one of the first words they taught us in the MTC was pregnant.  This is because the word is embarazado and people often confuse it with embarrassed). So I thought, "okay, I'm not pregnant, that's true! I love trees. That's true, too. Hmm...I have 11 toes. That's a lie. Perfect" So I write them down thinking we were passing them around and then guessing whose they were.  But. We read them. And so when I read "No estoy embarazado" they heard "Yo estoy embarazado" One means I am pregnant and the other means I am not. They all were dying! hahaha They were so shocked and I didn't know why.  And so they figured that one of them had to be a lie so they started telling me to take off my shoes so they could see if I have 11 toes or not! Bah. It was a disaster.  It was so funny, though and it turned out okay! Now they'll just remember me forever as the blonde sister who is pregnant and has 11 toes. Perfect. I've always wanted that image. (: Oh, it was classic. I guess you could say I'm pretty tight with the relief society sisters, though.  We all have an inside joke they laugh about every time I pass them.  Some of them still tell me to show them my feet! But...I would never do that. Feet aren't cute.
Here's a little story of the Articles of Faith! So we were teaching Hector, my pride and joy (: and some Jehovah Witnesses came to the door! They started talking to us a little bit and then they got really serious and asked me what I thought would happen to the earth when it all comes to end.  I said, "We believe the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory." (A of F 11) And they we're like Oh! That makes so much sense.  haha, yes it does, Jehovahs, yes it does.
Speaking of Hector, my pride and joy, he is my pride and joy (: I'm like the proudest momma!  He is so hungry for the good news! We teach him every day.  He had a baptism date for next week but we sadly had to drop it.  Hopefully he will get on top of things and get rollin' again.  We have really had the coolest, spiritual lessons with him! He was like wow I feel so good when you guys talk to me about this stuff!  And the funniest thing to us is that he has this big group of friends.  One of them is a boy we work with often who was recently reactivated (: (another miracle!) They all hang out in the "park" and this means...they go and smoke pot.  It is so funny though, because every other time we teach Hector, one of his friends stops by! We met one named Jose and he took off right when he saw us.  We said "hey, hope we see you again sometime!" and he said "Prolly never" and we have seen him probably 4 or 5 times since! He even pretends like he's not listening and just sits on the couch.  We know he is listening and we know he has felt the spirit!! We feel that God is preparing their hearts to receive this message so that they can be one big, positive influence as a group of young men ages 14 to 18.  They are cool!  I even got to play Hector a song I wrote (ya know, the spiritual one on the guitar?).  Jose was there at this lesson.  Hermana Smyth told me that as soon as I started playing, Jose set his phone down and just watched intently.  The spirit was so strong! I hadn't played that for like 4 or 5 months! It was really neat.  hahahaha and when Hector closed our lesson with a prayer all he talked about was thanking God for me and for my voice and that I shined and he even swore in his prayer hahaha. It was just hilarious.  (:
Basically this whole week we taught the Word Of Wisdom to boys who just don't know where they're going in life.  It was so powerful.  We have had such incredible break throughs and some really sad, disappointing times, too.  I just keep feeling like this is such a great way to prepare for motherhood.  I learned how to handle a child going through the saddest, roughest thing.  And this is how: it was not with yelling, nor scolding, nor discouraging.  It was with much prayer, study, prayer, and more prayer.  And as my companion spoke, I prayed that the right words would come out. And as I spoke, I know she was doing the same for me.  And the whole time we both prayed in our hearts that this message would touch a heart.  And it did.  What a wonderful lesson!! 
Another fun fact: yesterday, during church, we had to go out and grab the children's songbook because I left it in the car and I still play the piano for primary.  We saw this group of guys so we went and talked to them.  haha you guys, we proselyted to a gang.  And supposedly the "leader" was like, "Yeah, we'll be here. Right, guys? Cuz we're a group. We'll be here." So we will be teaching them sometime this week haha. Oh life. Life is so fun (: And just so exciting.  Also, I am referred to here as the 'Pink Ninja' as assigned by my cute, little buddy MiguelAngel.  He's a 3 yr old 'Blue Ninja' and we taught him how to clean through play! It was so random but he told me he was a blue ninja and I got him to clean the whole room by seeing how fast that little ninja could go! We also saved his mom, Yellow Ninja, from all 300 snakes that apparently were in the room! And we helped Pink Ninja, Hermana Smyth, do the dishes.  I had a mommy week this week.  And I feel like that was such a blessing for me (: I love it! Ah. Good things.
The Spirit is so real.  It is so real.  And the Book of Mormon is truly the road map of our lives.  I say that with so much truth.  I mean it with everything in me. 
I love you (:

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