Tuesday, September 2, 2014

There is No Finish Line September 2, 2014

I feel like I have been learning SO much lately!  Every day is a new
lesson...good and bad.  But I really feel the need to improve and better
myself so I have appreciated it.  We had Elder Malm of the 70 at our half
zone conference last week.  It was incredible.  A new perspective.  I feel
as though there is a new wave of excitement and effort that has been
implemented in the mission.  A new sense of positivity.  Which, on that
note, may I just admit...I feel as though I may have been missing the mark
all along.  I do think I am a positive person at most times...but there is
a whole new level that I seemed to have just caught on to and it has been
changing me.  I hope that I am still in the process of changing...
Really, there is so much truth to the well-known statement of, "if you
think  you can, you can."  It all starts with yourself.  Your inner
thoughts and desires.  Anyways. I am just excited to change (:
Also! We got to share a thought in young womens on Sunday.  I love the
young women so much!!!  They inspire me and I was so grateful to be there
with them.  We are all God's children with individual worth and divine
qualities.  I learn that more and more every day.
So I have been loving the work lately!  We seem to be doing quite well, my
companion and I!  We are striving to really be so so focused on all the
little things and to follow the Spirit as closely as we can.  It has been
changing our efforts.  It is fun to help someone learn the routes of the
field! Even though it is hard.
I just wanted to tell this quote from Elder Malm that he said at our
"you are you.  You have always been you.  Learn to get along with you."  I
just loved that! We need to love ourselves because we always have been and
always will be ourselves.  What a great reason to always be yourself! (as
my sister once told me (: )
He also went on to ask us where negative things come from.  The answer of
course, being the adversary.  Then he talked about how when we talk
negatively about others, we are serving satan.  We cannot feel the Spirit,
nor serve God, when we are serving Satan.  All negativity comes from the
I know that this work is so important.  The Prophets have told us that this
is the time that the Lord said He would hasten His work.  And we need to
keep up with Him (:
I am so grateful that I can repent daily and improve daily. And so can
you!  I love our Savior's mercy.  Shine on.

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