Monday, September 15, 2014

Incredible Week September 15th, 2014

So I feel like I have so much to say...and I usually even have a little
notebook to remind me of what happened the last week...but right now I
can't even think! haha
Basically, we had some incredible lessons this week! And incredible
meetings/ trainings...all week long!  And I learned a lot!  I can't wait to
change to restart (:
Repentance is such a gift!  We get to turn a new page and become new again
any time that we have the desire and humility to change (or in other words,
We got to go to the temple on Thursday.  I do love it there.  I learn
something new every time and it fills my soul (:  It always reminds me of
the importance of family! And I just love my family sooo much!!!  I also
love my family here and I am getting more and more nervous about what will
happen at the end of this transfer.  I had a little moment yesterday during
primary.  A sister asked us to fill in for her and so we were sitting in
the primary room during singing time and the spirit was beautiful (: Then
the sister leading the music talked about how that day would be one of her
last with the kids and she started crying...well, you know me!  I started
crying too, realizing that I may be in similar shoes as she is in.  I had
to leave the room! And I just couldn't stop haha I love these people SO
much!!! We have been having a lot of investigators coming to church and
less actives and things are just really so positive and wonderful here (:
It is such a blessing.
I also got to sing in sacrament yesterday.  That was fun I guess.
Also, we went on a hike earlier this morning...haha wow.  So two things: 1.
I am out of shape (:  (no comments, please hahaha). 2. This is AZ.....there
is not much more than pokeys and thorns and cacti and creepy bugs!  It was
an interesting trip.  I also fell and caught myself in a patch of poison
ivy! My hand puffed up and it sure did not feel great (: but all was well!
And all is well! And the view was beautiful and it was a great exercise!
Anyways (: God loves us! So much!  He even provides clouds to cover the
heat of the sun in these hot days.  I know that the Spirit is our teacher
and if we pay close attention, he will help us to become!
(I'm probably forgetting many things...??)
Love! (:
Shine on.

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