Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Checkin' in at the Check Point--Rio Rico! April 15th, 2014

Today is transfer day (: And I left my wonderful family in Sahauro Branch
and came down to Rio Rico!  I am thrilled!  I just have sooo much
excitement in me right now!  I know that this will be an awesome transfer.
My new companion is Sister Solomon!
It was pretty awesome because at the start of this last transfer, we had
our usual zone meeting.  We were all walking over to Subway after and I
noticed Sister Solomon was walking by herself, and so was I!  (Everyone had
their little friends from past districts and they were catching up and
whatnot)...The thought came into my head: She's going to be my friend!  So
I walked up to her and started talking to her and we became instant friends
(: From that moment on, I knew I would be her companion next!  We got the
call last night about my transfer and I just got so excited! Before Elder
Wasden even finished his sentence I just burst out, "I knew it! I knew it!
I knew it!" haha I think his ears are still ringing as we speak. (:
But anyways! This last week in Sahauro was pretty good! We got a baptismal
date with our new investigator and he is so awesome!  I was sad to leave
him...but I was sad to leave everyone else, too! A pretty bitter-sweet
moment, indeed. We ran all around the town yesterday, saying goodbye to
everyone I could think of and that we could fit in.  I didn't have time to
say goodbye to everyone ): that was sad.  But I texted everyone I could
think of, too!  Wow. A lot of my heart is sure here in AZ.  It's incredible
how much you can love.  I have just been feeling overwhelming amounts of
love lately!  For everyone and everything.  I feel it overflowing and
refilling again and again.  I know I wouldn't be able to do this if that
wasn't the case.  We are truly watched over and supported by the One who
loves us best.
Oh my goodness! That reminds me of my Book of Mormon studies that I've been
having lately.  I just finished reading about the Lord's vineyard in Jacob
5.  Incredible!  As I was reading, it just completely overcame me.  The
Lord loves us SO much! He gives us the absolute best that will help us to
grow the most effectively and efficiently.  He is constantly watching over
us, doing every little thing in His power to help us!  And yet, sometimes
we still don't let Him!  How could we not let Him? He's given us everything
to succeed!  And it greiveth Him to lose one of us. He wants to see us grow
and become.  He wants to see us, in that great day, as good as He intended
us to be.  My best Sister Whitney (: sent me the most profound (I thought)
little thought ever!  She was expressing to me how the image of Peter
sinking in the water helped her through a little time of disbelief.  She
talked about how the Savior is right there the whole time! And how you
simply just have to ask for His help and His hand is already stretched
out.  Then she said this, "So walk on your disbeliefs!" "I can't drown. My
lifeguard walks on water!!!" Whew.  That pierced me to the core!  We cannot
fail when we are built upon the rock of our Redeemer!  So take the gift
He's mercifully given us.  USE it!  And remember that He has given you
every thing you need to succeed and be happy.  (: You just have to realize
Living and loving and learning.  (: Doesn't get better than that!
Shine on (:

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