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Tamales. Miracles. Aaaand...creeps. December 23, 2013

I would just like to start out by saying this week is looking up! (: Fabulous things are taking place here in Midvale and also in the Sahaurita Branch! Listen.  This gospel is all of our obligations.  NOT just the missionaries.  If you think that the missionaries are in your area to bring some people to your ward, you are mistaken! We are called as missionaries to help the MEMBERS bring people unto Christ! It is a team effort and it is so important that we do this! I cannot wait to come home and talk to everyone! Neighbors, friends, people we pass.. Because this is Salvation.  And this is the mission of the Latter-Day Saints! Look in the footnotes in 1Nephi 22:8. 
Anyways...Life is great.  My companion and I are pretty much the same person in different bodies so that's neat.  AND also, I just want to testify that the Spirit is the teacher! (: Treasure up the words of Christ and then step aside! Get out of the Spirit's way, and let him teach!! So simple, right?  And a perfect time to talk about the spirit of Christ! Because the Spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Christ...and ya know, the Spirit of Christ is love.  So focus on love! And truly keep that with you throughout your days and years and life! Because that's what it's all about.  That universal language of love.  Let me tell you: I have found my purpose here!
My purpose here is to get the youth excited about missionary work!  To get them excited about knowing who they are as Children of God.  And that gets ME so excited!! (: I am pumped!
Welll....let me tell you a little about my week, eh?
We had lunch with a family on Tuesday.  They live in the most humble circumstances I have ever seen, next to homeless.  We ate with our hands and only we ate...She ate a little.  But her children just ate oranges. It was some kind of meat (I didn't ask) and beans...We ate it with a tortilla with our hands.  I was so grateful for momma's cooking.  SO grateful for a warm house that is so clean with dishes that are clean.  Ah, blessings.  BE so aware that they are truly every where.  I mean really.  Think about how blessed we are! SO blessed.
OH! And we also made cookies with a cute girl names Hanniah.  She is 12.  I used to cookie dough mom gave me!  WHooo! SHout out to the Mother! (: I love her!
And that was great.  A lot of these families seem to be going through the hardest things that I could ever imagine.  This little family with like 3 or 4 children, there dad just left them for another women with 4 other kids...What. I don't know.  But wow.  It's okay, because Momma Hurst is gon take good care of these lil babies. There's another young man named Issac.  He's 14.  He is so awesome! He just desires to be so good! He wants it with everything in him! I love these youth! (Yes, I am one too...but still!)
The other day, it was lightly raining and we saw Isaac walking down the street.  SO we pulled over and ran as fast as we could to catch up! He's fast.  He was walking down a wash which is a deep ditch kind of thing that is there for catching the floods of monsoon season.  So we ran down this alley and sat in this wash and talked to him.  We talked about miracles.  About how truly, we should see miracles everyday!  Because miracles are: The natural result of the correct application of true eternal principles.  Hold up.  The NATURAL RESULT.  We are promised miracles everyday! You just have to notice them because they might not always be huge and in your face!  So we finished talking to him and walked back down this alley.  All the sudden...dun dun dunn/...A pair of huge eyes, one orange, one light blue, staring straight at us! We screamed...and so this giant wolf dog got all angry with us! Started barking and coming at us. Okay. Terrified. Yes. SO we looked at each other, my companion and I, and we said what in the world do we do!? My wise companion said, let's say a prayer.  She said something along the lines of this: Heavenly Father we don't know what to do.  We are scared.  Will you please just let the dog turn around and walk away or something so that we can get to our car safely?
And we opened our eyes, the dog looked at us, turned around, and walked away. MIRACLES. It was exactly, verbatim what we had asked for. MIRACLES. They happen every day, you just have to look for them. (:
On that note, things are swell (:
I love the Mexican culture and people.  Whenever they greet you, they hug you and kiss you on your cheek! Every. Single. Time. Whether you know them or not...uhhh ahhaha but just the women obviously. No worries.  I even tried probably the second hottest pepper in the world.  The lady whose house we were at told me that I was more Mexican than she was hahaha YES! Accomplished.  Porque soy Mexicana. (;
It is just lovely here, especially the sunsets and night skies and I am feel very very grateful and humble.
Let me finish off with a lovely story......
Basically, we met a man in Panda Express last week.  He was creepy. Seriously. Like 40 and hitting on us.  THe other day, we had our Branch Christmas party and someone said hey hermanas there is someone here for you.  So we went outside to see who it was. Our hearts stopped as recognition sunk in...It was that same man from Panda Express.  How did he find us? Why was he here? Because he lives clear on the other side of town. And WHY was he still thinking about us enough to drive all the way down.  He said he came the night before too...Oh my heavens. Heart-stopping.  The word that kept coming into my mind was 'Predator'
He is a creep. A real live creep.  And he said he wanted to buy us something small for Christmas. WOw. Okay, man, if you ever find us again...SO we have to tell someone about this stalker. Sheesh.  OTher than that. Doing quite well! And I love you all!!! (:
Here's one last thing to ponder over this Christmas Season.
This thought hit me last week.  We all have heard the story of Mary and Joseph looking for somewhere to go and no one would let them in.  We always think that they are all so rude for not letting them in and wonder if they would if they only knew they were carrying the Son of God.  Well here's something to think about...if we know the Son of God is here, why don't we always let Him in? or do we get carried away in the world? Do we not even have time to let Him in and think about Him for 10 minutes of reading the scriptures? Praying night and day?  Or are we the inn keepers that have no room?...because if we are, He surely can make no room for us with Him in the Celestial Kingdom. 
I love you all.  Merry Christmas. (:

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