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"Especially YOU, Barbie" December 30, 2013

Pues, pues, ultima semana fue muy muy bueno!!! (: Ohh dearly. Christmas was wonderful!  Let me tell you.  Mexicans know how to party! And they party. Every. Single. Day.  It was quite possibly the best Christmas of my life! (No offense to the Fam!) I love you all!
Okay, I always just ramble on so much, so I will try to be just a little bit more organzied today, perhaps?  (:
Let me just tell you about Frank's melt down.  We went over to see him and he was just a wreck.  He told us how he just felt like there is no way that God could be there for him because he felt so low and he just was so depressed.  He promised us that that day would be the day he stopped drinking and he was like "yeah I am prolly going to get a few more beers tonight, I already had like 3" Mmkay. Let down!  We were crushed.  We threw the whole lesson out the window and talked about faith through trials.  I felt like it was a good lesson!  We were all 3 just bawling.  It was a very humbling, but saddening night.  I think...I think I learned the love of a parent.  Now before you go about saying that I've never been a parent before, well, I know!  But I just felt that urgency for him to know and believe what we were saying and let it help him! Bah! It was so frustrating at the same time because he just didn't get it and he couldn't because he has a wall up between him and the spirit every. single. day.  That's why we have the word of wisdom! So that we are not just so numb that we can't even feel the spirit; let alone anything at all.  Alcohol mocks the very purpose of our life by taking away the very thing we came here to receive: agency.  People. I have a testimony of the word of wisdom! Live it. Love it.  The spirit can work through us when we are clean because it only dwells in holy temples, which temple ye are.  (: In fact! I wrote a poem. (surprised?)
Where are you standing?
In holy places?
Or in forlorn streets
In run-down spaces?
This is a test!
Will you join the races?
With a smile on your heart
And a smile on your faces.
The evil will rise 
And start up their chases.
But just stand tall
In holy places.
And we can always know that we never stand alone when we stand with God!
I just know this. And let me tell you.  Being out here has taught me how to love.  How to just purely love with everything in me.  And I can love because He loved me first. (1John 4:19) and He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love (1John 4:8) And this is the truth.  It's truly incredible how I can just instantly love these people.  It just works.  I just love them so much and I just want the best for them!  Especially these cute youth!  These beautiful young girls that need to know that they are beautiful in every way! And that they have so much good in them because they have a loving Father in Heaven who made them that way! And if anyone tells them other help me...haha but in all seriousness.  I have felt  so much love and so much frustration at the same time because of people that try to tell them otherwise.  PEOPLE. We all have so much to give! We all have SO much, immaculate amounts of potential!  Don't let satan get in yo way! I am so serious. Pa-lease! Because I just love you all so much (: And you need to love yourself, too!....Sorry...tangents.
Hey. Food here.'s aight.
Manudo (muh-noo-dough): Or as I believe it should be called< manuDON'T.  Cow stomache. Yes, it even looks like it.  But even better because it is in a soup that tastes like sweat. Wow. sorry, that was graphic. Pardon my French.
Hey but cow head tacos! Those are actually decent if you can get past the fact that it is, indeed, a cow head.
Sonora hot dogs: if I were a fan of hot dogs, these would be marvelous.  But I'm not, and so they're simply bearable.  It's the biggest thing you've ever seen with beans and guacamole and mustard and mayo and cheese and it's basically a taco with a hot dog in it!
Christmas was a blast! After talking to the fam (which was probably the greatest thing in the entire world!) we got to party!  We went to the Urias's house and everyone was outside.  Personally, I was a little bummed because it was cold.  But then! We had so much fun! They had music going (Mexican of some sorts, and probably not in the white hand book) and they were just dancing like crazy! They had a huge bonfire going and we were all eating these cow head tacos. Lovely.  We even got to LIMBO!  hahahah and then we grabbed some guitars and sang some Christmas hymns (In Spanish, of course! Mexicana) and the spirit was so strong! Just all around good vibes. Lovin' it.
We also got soooo much candy because the elders...they just kill us.  We open our car and find all this food on our floor! They are trying to make us fat.
HEY. also, if you get the chance, read 'Hastening the Lord's Game Plan' by Elder S. Gifford Nielsen. Fabulous.
I got to go on an exchange this week! That was neat (: I was in the slum dog ghetto!!! I already live in the ghetto, but this surpassed all.  I was in Rio Rico and Nogales.  It was fun though! Like a little sleep over (: And we were pretty much with their elders the entire day so that was fun.  But I made a fool of myself, of course.  People and their blonde jokes...that's all I have to say.
Speaking of Blonde's!  Yesterday, we walked out of the church building and there happened to be a lady pulling in.  She pulled over to talk to us and told us how she was in a Mission in Mexico but she was visiting someone right now.  So she was telling us about how the girls are having a hard time adjusting to their native companions and their companions don't think to much of them because of the way they were raised and their non-Mexicanness.  And then she says something along the lines of how we would have a hard time in Mexico too because we're from UT.  And then she says, "especially  you, Barbie!" Pah...that is the second 'Barbie' comment that I have gotten in the last week.  Are you serious? Barbie, people? Why not a mountain climber or sock monkey?  haha I guess if someone compared me to a sock monkey there would be some questions in my mind...but barbie. Psh. Mission life.  Livin' it. Lovin' it! I also gave my first talk this Sunday! That was interesting.  They all just looked at me like they were laughing inside.  And I guess that's better than crying sooo win win! haha
Last little note to leave ya with:
Mark 10:27
And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.

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