Monday, January 13, 2014

Road Trip! January 13, 2014

This week started out just perfectly.  We were at FHE con la familia Betancourt and haha we were praying and I just so happened to peek my eye open for some reason.  And I looked and I beheld that there wast a fire log that had fallen out of the fire place! And it was still ablaze and behold, it was now...on the floor. haha What a lovely surprise! It turned out quite alright, but it sure was an unexpected surprise. 
HEY! This is my favorite part of this week! Wahoo! Listen. So we have these vecinos (neighbors) that just scream at each other. I mean SCREAM. Like you would think a rap battle between Eminem and Rihanna was going on. (pardon my worldly terminology) but this like shakes the roof and my companera y I just sit there and cringe.  Sometimes we sing. Sometimes we simply pray for them.  AND we just kept thinking that we needed to pay them a good visit.  They really are super cool people when you catch them in the right moment.  We run into them often.  So we did it.  We made it a priority and we went and sat down with them in their house.  And this is what I love, absolutely love, about the gospel: that it is the only thing that can make a grown man cry.  This man is rough. He is huge! He has tats and piercings and he just looks so rough. But he has the softest heart and the most broken spirit.  He kept saying that we were an answer and this was a sign because just this year he decided his goal was to become closer to Jesus Christ.  Happy New Year, neighba! Your wish just came true (; but really, they are so awesome! And he is just so chipper now! Literally, with one visit, we have move a mountain.  I believe in miracles. And I see them every day.  In fact, just the other, he ran out so fast to us, "girls, girls! I have been waiting to talk to you! I have been so excited to tell you that I just got a job!" haha it was so wonderful (: He really thinks of us as friends (because we sure are!) and he feels that because we shared that simple, one message with him, his life is already turning around.  We're definitely going back again, but we haven't got a chance to yet!
Aww and listen to this! I got some glow in the dark stars for Christmas from Sierra ma fren, and I gave some of them to the cutest kids!  They live in very very humble circumstances and they were sooo excited! They kept turning off the lights and dancing around with them.  The joys of children's laughter (: wow. My heart is so full here. I love this world.  I love these people! I was reflecting on my first day in la rama.  That Sunday lasted 34.997 hours and I just felt so out of place. Yesterday I realized how I know Everyone!!! And I love them so so much! (:
With those same little kids that I gave the stars to, we are learning the Articles of Fe with! So I have been learning them in Spanish and we made a deal with them to memorize the first 7 and get a partyyyy whooo! We are the coolest (; Those little monkeys are a little difficult to get through to sometimes because they literally are climbing all over me the whole time but we sure love 'em! (:
Here's my little food insert of the week: PTs...Real PTs.  We're talkin Potatoe Tacos, Y'all.  The real deal. Mexican food will never be the same for me. I have been spoiled thus far. 
Ah! I just love it here sooo much! These are my people! (: The Sardina's are a family that I just completely love.  They are like having a little family here in Tucson. They're like Grandma and Grandpa and just family love.  The spirit is always so strong when we are with them, they make THE best food, and they are fabulous ward missionaries.  Pardon, Branch missionaries.  And quite literally, we do a lottt in this branch.  It is not doing so well at all.  But we have really made it a priority and I think we are starting to see the fruits of our labors.
This week we got to be bused up to Tempe to see Elder Holland!  The only thing is that Elder Holland's schedule was suddenly changed and so we saw Elder Wright of the 70, which was awesome!! (: It was so fun aaaand guess what! I saw 2 friends! Sister Katie Foree and Elder Bradon Hyer.  SO neat.  It's been a year! I jumped for joy! Literally. (: We were filled that day with a wonderful spirit and sooo much happiness. (: It was pretty hilarious, though, because I sat by an elder from the Tempe mission.  When we were singing the closing hymn, I noticed that he was sitting very close to me...uhhh haha and so I would move, and he would too.  When it was over, he said this, "I noticed you sound very good when you sing" jajaja mission life. But hey, that's been something that I have loved too! My companion and I have been able to sing for some lessons and it has really brought the spirit in.  I am so passionate about the way music speaks to the soul.  What are you feeding into your soul? Worldly lyrics and spirit-offending rhythms?  Or music that really uplifts and fills your soul? (:
Going back on my 'light' theme of last week, I just found one great scripture that I wanted to share: 1Thesselonians 5:5
Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.
Children of light, stand up! And stand out.  Because in this darkening world with deceptive, synthetic light, the natural light of Christ can really brighten and guide.  It is a light of hope and again, and again, I say...Shine on! (:
Little thought for the week: There is no comfort in the growth zone, but there is NO growth in the comfort zone! 
Love you all (:

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