Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year's Week! January 5th, 2015

This last week has been fun (:
The weather has almost been as bipolar as UT!
It snowed! What...haha love it!
On New Year's day the entire mission got together and we had what we called a Mission Unity Day (M.U.D.) as our President liked to refer it as haha.  It was so fun! We got to play games and see all of our old companions! Not that I saw many...considering they're all home except for Hermana Dominguez and my current companion...but I saw all of my friends (: We had a good ole time!  We played a giant mission-wide game of Simon says...and guess who won! Yep (: Before they started they said the last 2 standing would be the next APs (almost perfect) haha small joke...but it ended up that a bunch of people got out at once and I was the you know what that means...(; just joking!!! I am learning much of humility out here, do not worry.  The mission does well to teach you that you really are lower than the dust.....but also that the enabling power of the Atonement is what lifts us back up again and encourages us to keep improving.
I got to attend another Mission Leadership Council.  My favorite meeting in the mission!  It is full of inspiring leaders (who are my friends (: ) and a spirit of desire to learn!  And oh, what we do learn (: It is joy.  The longer I have these great experiences, the more I learn that everything goes back to love!  And how appropriate because everything is possible because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, who is love.  
I got to train in district meeting last week haha that was a little random! And I get to train solo in this upcoming zone meeting since I am now a single leader haha pray for me! This is the only thing that makes me nervous in life!  (:
One sad experience and then a cool one, okay?:
So we talked about baptism again with our Chinese friend.  He has many fears of what would happen if he is baptized.  They are very realistic and it would take immense faith to overcome them! I do understand...but when he told us this again, I couldn't help but burst into tears.  I was so sad.  
I spent the rest of the night (as this was our last appointment) pondering why...why it is like this in some places of the world and why it is so trying for our faith to accept.
I came to 2 conclusions.  #1. we HAVE the Gospel here and we can accept it in its fullest here so I better share it with EVERYONE who has the blessing of freedom to freely accept if it be the desire of their hearts.  #2. God's timing is perfect.  We are here to become and one of those things we learn through the journey of becoming is patience.  We do not need to be discouraged because God loves us! He has promised that if we are faithful, we will be lead to the promised land....and that promised land for me will be when the Gospel fills the whole earth. (: I can't wait!!! 
 SO trust in God, who is mighty to save.  In His wisdom, and not man's. 
The cool experience we had happened because I am just haha me.
I smiled and waved at this guy walking in a crosswalk as we drove by.  A couple days later we were eating with some members at inn and out burger haha and I looked up to make eye contact with this same guy! I could tell that he recognized me as well.  I wasn't sure at first why he looked familiar, so of course I got up and talked to him.  He did remember me! And because of it, we were able to invite him to learn. 
~a testimony of waving (:
Have a beautiful week (:
(sorry I have been wanting to send pictures, but I can't figure this computer out and so next week?? like I said, still learning patience) (: haha

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