Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Too Much Fun! December 1st, 2014

I feel like last week was a month because of all of the things that
happened haha.
We went to another funeral...Sister Ah Sue and I have had quite these
couple weeks together! I don't know why these things have been happening so
often it seems.  It was very good, though.  I am learning the difference of
what it means to have an understanding and hope in the Plan of Salvation as
opposed to not having one at all.  What a sad thing to not have that

We had a good Thanksgiving.  It started out with a little turkey bowl
between the missionaries in our zone.  That was know, I'm
not a very good catch (; We were able to go to a member of the bishopric's
home and have Thanksgiving dinner with them!  We also got to do some
service and some weekly planning haha so that was our day!  Not too bad,
not too bad.

We went to the zoo the other day to do some service! We swept and raked a
lot of like hay and dirt and stuff.  We moved things around and then we
mulched a pathway and I weeded for a couple hours.  It actually was very
satisfying to see how nice it all looked after (: Maybe working isn't so
bad after all, eh? ha and THEN we got a rhino!!! Yes, in real
life!  I was mostly terrified of it haha but it was cool!  We fed some
giraffes, too!  I left feeling kind of cool (:

Our friend from China is progressing well!  He is just way too cool!
Heavenly Father is so good to us to allow us to know him and to teach him.
We were talking about the Book of Mormon because he had some questions on
the things he's been reading and he said to us, "this all sounds so
familiar like perhaps I have heard it before."...ah! That was
incredible...If you ever want to hear someone talk with God...there is your
best opportunity.  This man just came to know of a loving Heavenly Father
and he speaks to Him in the most spirit-filled, faith-filled, loving way.
He always thanks Him for sending him, "my new friends Hurst and Ah Sue."
haha oh I love this work!
I love working on campus, too! Although that last game here the other day
sure had us running in circles trying to find alternative routes because
all of the streets were blocked off and crazy!

What a great place to be and what a great thing to be doing! (: I hope you
all continue to find the happiness of the Gospel of Christ.

Things are fun (:

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