Sunday, December 21, 2014

CHRISTmas is coming! December 16th, 2014

Whoa.  So the transfer is already over! What.  Mi compa ): she leaves
tomorrow and I had to say goodbye to my best friend! I even cried! haha I
wasn't planning on that! I only knew her for 5 weeks and I just love her so
much! We had SO much fun, the time just flew.  This next transfer will be 7
weeks because of the holidays...I am now a single sister training leader
haha well...of course I'm single (; ...but I no longer have an stl as a
comp! Just me over these sisters in the zone.  I'm not sure how that works
out! Sister Ah Sue and I gave our first training last week and that was
nerve wracking haha but I'm not sure if I'll have to do that alone now!
Hope not.  I don't know why...I normally don't get too nervous, but in
front of other missionaries and the President's wife, I just get so
nervous! ...anyways. My new compa is Sister Stewart.  At first, it was
going to be Hermana Lundquist and I was stoked! She and I were in the CCM
together! But last night they called and told me they need me to do
something else that will be better.  So I will be excited and this will be
so fun (: I love coming to love always do when you put in the
effort! (: Can't wait.

Hmm. I got to go biking again last week.  All day this time! It was
wonderful! We talked to eeeevvveryone (per usual, but it's even better on a
bike!)  And we had so much success that day because of it.  I had never
been happier to leave an exchange.

Something that is beautiful is that our investigators have been better
about sharing the gospel lately than some of us! Our fun friend from China
brought a friend to the FHE activity and also a friend to church on Sunday!
He is the best! He wrote us a poem for Christmas because he knows how much
I love them and he likes to write them, too! I want to testify that the
spirit of Christ is real.  If someone who has never known Christ can come
to know Him so well, then anyone can. And this IS real. And this is true.

Quick thought.  I saw an incredible sky the other day.  A rain storm was
just clearing and the brightest, setting sun shone through.  How
interesting, I thought, that the sun overpowered the entire sky, even
though more than half of it was gray.  It pierced through like a beacon in
the fog and I thought to myself, "no wonder the darkness cannot comprehend
the light." can't even look that amount of brightness in the
eyes...but you can face the darkness with confidence when you possess that
kind of light because it penetrates and brightens.
(sorry I always go off about light...but I love it!) Christ is the light of
the world and we are His vessels.  Let His light shine through you this


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