Monday, November 17, 2014

It's getting colder me an Arizonan. November 17th, 2014

If I wasn't at the institute so much and I didn't have this uniform or
nametag, I would feel like a student in this area!  We are on campus
everyday and have to drive through the little college town todos los dias!
I feel like I'm somewhere in between Provo and Logan...But I am loving it
This is only the 2nd time I've had to move areas since I've been in the's a huuuuge adjustment! But I feel soo good about being here
and know I have a purpose being here.  My companion is incredible! I learn
so much from her daily.  Of course, to continue in my pattern, I am sending
her off to her home in Hawaii.  She has about 4 weeks left at this point
because this transfer is one week shorter due to the holidays.  We laugh
all day long and she tells me about her Hawaiian culture and teaches me
some words in Hawaiian! I love it!  I teach her some Spanish sometimes,
too.  Her name is Sister Ah Sue.
SO one of the coolest experiences I've had here so far hahaha we were
contacting on campus (my now favorite thing to do!) and we met these 2
people.  First they asked us if we wanted to join  their club haha it is
like dancing...but there was a girl and she was doing something
she called "hooping" which is dancing with a hoola hoop. And this guy and
he was dancing with these lights on a string.  It looked a lot like poi
dancing and so my companion asked him if she could show him some techniques
that they use in poi dancing (she worked at the Polynesian Cultural Center
as a dancer back home).  So anyways! I'm just sitting here talking to this
"hooper" about the institute and the gospel and my companion is teaching
this guy how to poi! It was so fun! (: I love campus contacting! haha
always soo interesting.
We have been so tired lately because just day one and I learn what it
really means to be a sister training leader...working things out amongst
the sisters.  We have spent a good amount of time with a set of sisters
daily, since I've gotten into this area, trying to help them figure some
things out.  It has been a little crazy, but I absolutely love the
opportunity I have been given to truly learn what it means to selflessly
serve.  I always hear people talking about turning outward and thinking of
others first and I do try to do that! I do...but I feel like I really have
such an opportunity to really learn what it means to do that and to just
serve with love.  It's incredible because as we've spent this time with
them this last week, I really do feel an outpouring of love for these
sisters whom I am just now getting to know.
We got to go to the Temple dedication for the Phoenix temple ayer! That was
neat (: Also, yesterday I learned that my sweet friend, Hermanita Nobel,
passed away.  That was really hard for me to hear.  I left her exactly a
week ago, the last time I spoke to her.  We cried together as we said our
goodbyes and she told me that soon she would be watching over me...I didn't
realize that it would be a week to the day she said those words to me.  But
I'm feeling a lot happier now because she is much happier, too (:
Other than that....we met with an investigator who told us that her culture
believes they turn into saguaros when they die.  We told her about God's
plan for us and asked her how she felt and then she told us..."well, I was
actually looking forward to becoming a saguaro."
...Despite what you may think, God's plan is truly for all of us! (: And it
is that brightness of hope the Savior provides that will allow us to endure
this journey here in life.
Keep shining (: the sun can only warm you so much this time of year (;

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