Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tucson, AZ, December 10th, 2013

This is it!  I actually made it to Tucson.  I only left at 2:30 am and got 2 hours of no big deal (;  (p.s. I am on a real keyboard that I understand! whooo)!  It actually reminds me a lot of UT here despite the fact that it has NO snow! How weird. And Christmas is in what? 14 days? See, I never would have guessed because I have been shut off from the outside world for so long and then I came in to no snow.  But it is surprisingly pretty chilly here.  At night time especially.  I brought, hmm, nothing! for the cold. haha fun surprise (:
Word of the week, I love my new companera.  She is so fun! She is so nice and we are very similar.  My last companera and I were very very opposite, so this will be an easier adjustment I think! (I did love my last comp. just sayin!)  haha (:
Pues, estoy muy entusmiado!  I got here yesterday afternoon and we really just spent the day kind of learning the routine around here and our expectations.  Not too bad!  We went to the mission president's home and had dinner and a little testimony meeting and got to go home early! Whoo! OH and our Mission President is SO awesome! His wife is just the bubbliest thing you've ever seen!  She was the first person I saw when I walked down the stairs at the Tucson airport.  She gave me the biggest hug and just started talking like she's known me her whole life.  They are super chill and super awesome! Like I said, estoy muy muy entusmiado!  (:
I was just so tired and nervous when I got here that I didn't really know how things would play our for the first few days.  This morning I still didn't know what area I would be in or who my companion would be. Then my companion ended up getting off of the wrong exit and being late to our meeting this morning.  I was the only one without a comp for a little bit and that made me even more nervous! I was pretty much just held together with a forced smile.  THEN #1 I met my companion.  #2 I loved her already! and thennn #3 we had the greatest first experience I could have ever asked for! 
Basically, we were walking simply from the relief society room to the room down the hall for some training workshops.  There just so happened to be a maintenance man working on the light switches in the chapel that we passed by.  We ended up talking to him and found out he wasn't a member.  My companion did most of the talking at first because I didn't feel adequate enough.  But as I stood and listened for a bit, the spirit whispered and I was its voice.  I got passed my fear and I spoke the feelings of my heart.  (This was all in English heh)  It went so well and we got his number and he wants to hear more! I even whipped out a scripture for him to read and ponder about and I know I did not do that one on my own. Okay, so talk about the perfect, perfect experience to get me so absolutely fired up for this!! All my doubts went away.  All my fears, gone.  I am so grateful to be here. SO completely grateful and I cannot wait for what the next 17 months have in store!!! (:
 I will be serving in a Spanish area for my first transfer! Which I love and am very excited for!  I will end up serving in some English parts as well!  And, of course, where ever I go, I will be seeing many who speak English even in my Spanish areas.  The Hermana I am with knows Spanish very well so I am not worried about my picking up on it.  I think I do alright as of now ( but LOTS to learn!) Wahoo! Adventures. (:
I just would like to say to you all: Never miss an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life.  Spread the good word (: it really is not as hard as it seems at all! Just simply start out by being kind and being a good example.  The spirit will work through you.  People are being prepared all over to hear what you have!  DON'T you miss that chance. One more quick experience.  On the plane we sat by the nicest man!  I knew he believed in God because he said something about it, but he did not know what missionaries were.  At the end of the flight, I just thought that I should leave him with a card, but I was so scared!  I just couldn't fight the feeling that he might be searching for this and that if I miss this opportunity, it would be my fault! He is my brother, so I had to.  I gave him the card and told him that he could find out more about us if he looked it up.  Then, hahahaha, (here's a skill to use) I asked him if he liked the Killers.  Then I asked him if he knew who their lead singer was, Brandon Flowers.  He said yes and yes and so I said "Cool! Well Brandon Flowers has a cool video on there if you want to look that up!" hahaha golden.  Way to be, Brandon Flowers. 
Anyways! Stay true and remember that your Heavenly Father loves you! Keep that spirit of Christ this season.  Which is truly, serving. Love you! 

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