Thursday, December 19, 2013

One last thought! December 3rd, 2013

I walked out of my classroom the other day and I saw the most marvelous sky.  It was incredible.  All of the sudden, it hit me! And I knew.  The reason that Jesus descends from the sky is because they are perhaps the most beautiful thing on this earth! They resemble His power, His love, His mercy.  We can learn from this world around us, every day, that we are because God is.  And God loves us so He gave us all of this beauty.  I am so cheesy and I loved this idea so much that, of course, I wrote a poem:

It´s no wonder the Savior descends from the skies:
They hold the power in His eyes.
The glory and light in the morning sun;
The sounding of peace when the storm is done.
The compassionate rain that falls with our tears,
The embracing wind the sends away fears.
The snow that blankets pure and pristine
And resonates through mountains where riverbeds sing.
And the thoughtful moon that guides our feet
To be the glorious stars we are destined to be.
Yes, I´m sure that the Savior descends from the skies,
Because they hold the power in His eyes.

I love you all.

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