Thursday, December 19, 2013

This is it! December 8th, 2013

Well! This is it (: I am actually headed off in about a day and a couple hours...This is my little goodbye for the time being.  I am not sure when my next Pday is!  But thank you for always writing me (: I am SO excited! But I am also pretty nervous.  Yesterday we had in-field orientation. It was an all, ALL, day long workshop.  It got me very excited, though!  I had never felt so nervous, yet so completely at peace, at the exact same time!  I just had the feeling that I could do this. This thought kept coming to my head: You can do this! You can do this because you are called of your Heavenly Father to do this and you wouldn´t be here if that wasn´t the case.  I am so excited for this adventure and I hope that I can do all that is in my power to make this experience mean everything to me; to allow it to change my life!  Until Later ¡Hasta Luego! I love you all!
¡Paz Y bendiciones!
Hermana Hurst

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