Sunday, July 20, 2014

Scorpions, Cockroaches & Moths Oh my! July 14, 2014

So we are only a week into this transfer and it already feels like a month has gone by!  Except for the fact that it was just a breeze...what is this concept of time?  It's so strange!  We had just the craziest week.  It really was so good, though!  We had to move into the stinky elders' apartment and that was just a lovely experience!  Scorpions, cockroaches, know, the usual.  It is so big, though!  I haven't been in a home with stairs for almost my whole time out here.  It even has TWO bathrooms! Can you believe it!?  It's a little run-down, but it is just so spacious!  We even have a balcony overlooking our incredible view of the valley.  Lightening storms are incredible, by the way.  I don't think I've ever experienced one quite like we do here....Anyways, so we luckily got to do a good cleaning this morning of our apartment and we are ready to roll.  I just feel ready to take this on like a new beginning!  We now have the elders area and we have been sooo blessed because of it!  We have been finding a lot of new people to teach and we have been finding a lot of less active members.  Wow. Can I just say that I love this work so much?! There is nothing more uplifting or fulfilling than experiencing these things.  This week has been so full of the spirit and so guided! 
For example, the other day we decided to go to a referral's home that we had just gotten at our dinner appointment.  Nothing else we tried had worked out and we weren't really planning on going there right away, but we did.  They opened the door and were very hesitant to let us in.  After we talked for a moment about how their new born baby is sick, they let us in so that we could leave them with a prayer.  The spirit was SO strong and we were able to teach for a moment.  They told us that we can come back and we are so excited!  They are actually our neighbors as it turns out!  
Basically, I just love it all.  I am just so blessed and so lucky! I love my new companion.  We are kind of different as far as interests go, but I feel like our personalities are the same!  Her birthday is even today!  And since mine is Friday, it's just the party week! haha What fun! (: I love it here! I love this area. I LOVE these people. I love the rain and the moon and the trees.  I am not a huge fan of all the scary bugs I have been seeing lately or all of the bug bites I have acquired, but I am in love.  (: haha Oh! And we even are right next to a high school so we go running on the track every morning.  That is a blessing! I haven't been able to really get into big work outs in our small apartments.  It has been nice! And since it rains every single day, we usually wake up to cloudy skies that just set the perfect weather for a morning run! So wonderful (:
All I can say is that I am just really feliz.  Really content.  If the worst thing that happened this week was having two dinner appointments in one night (which I could barely finish the first...) then I think I'm doing alright. (: The gospel is SO true.  If you don't know that, find out! Seriously.  Just learning and living and loving here! (: 
Love you all! Keep shining! 

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